1. Piolets d’Or for Slawinski, Welsted and Steck

    Ueli Steck (Switzerland), Raphael Slawinski, and Ian Welsted (both Canada) were awarded with Piolets d’Or—the Golden Ice Axe—for their climbs in 2013.
    Steck’s new route on the south face of Annapurna is destined to be remembered as one of the milestones of modern alpinism. The Swiss climber soloed the 8,000-foot wall in a 28-hour round trip, downclimbing most of the route.
    Slawinski and Welsted completed the first ascent of K6 West (7,040 meters) in Pakistan in a five-day alpine-style ascent. This was the third time the two had attempted major new routes in the Karakoram, and after coming up short before, the third time was the charm.
    Climbing Magazine

    Here’s our short documentary about Raphael’s life filmed in December 2013 for EpicTV.

  2. ShAFF trailer

    Trailer for the 9th Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, Friday 4 to Sunday 6th of April. www.shaff.co.uk #ShAFF2014

    More than 100 inspiring adventure sports films and speakers on 7 big screens At the Showroom Cinema & Workstation (and Sheffield Hallam University). Proudly supporting Sheffield Hospitals Charity to raise £5,000 for a blood fridge at the Northern General Hospital - www.shaff.co.uk/about-shaff/our-charity-partner/

    Edited by Wojtek Kozakiewicz (Polished Project) for Sheffield Adventure Film Festival. Produced by LWimages Studio.

    Thumbnail composed from frames from the following movies: Spice Girl, Valhalla, Cascada, Last Great Climb and Nine Knights 2012 MTB.

    Music courtesy of Screaming Maldini (Life in Glorious Stereo) - www.screamingmaldini.net/

    Download ‘Life in Glorious Stereo’ from iTunes - www.itunes.apple.com/gb/album/life-in-glorious-stereo-single/id532884246

    Buy Screaming Maldini’s eponymous album on CD and vinyl: www.screamingmaldini.net/#!blank/c23n

    Thanks to all the filmmakers whose films are featured in the trailer.

  3. 'Sub-Zero' - trailer

    Our new EpicTV video series explores the esoteric art of ice climbing and examines the souls of four of the sport’s most respected artists - Will Gadd, Raphael Slawinski, John Freeman, and Gordon McArthur. On these athletes’ doorsteps, the Rockies hold some of the best ice climbing routes in the world which promise to both push them to their limits and occasionally have them crossing ice axes with death.

    Filmed by Lukasz Warzecha; Edited by Wojtek Kozakiewicz.

  4. 'Sub-Zero' - EpicTV video series | Coming soon…

    The series explores the souls of four top Canadian ice climbers - Will Gadd, Raphael Slawinski, John Freeman, Gordon McArthur and their different approach to the sport and how they cope with its dangers. On these athlete’s doorstep, the Rockies celebrates some of the best ice climbing in the world pushing them to their limits and at times to stare death in the face.
    'It's such a dramatic and beautiful sport, you climb frozen water.' -  Will Gadd


  5. Feel the Excitement…

    Our first production for the UIAA this winter season… an overnight edit of the Day One of the Ice Climbing World Cup in Cheongsong, Korea

    Even world class athletes can feel the butterflies in their stomachs on the first day, in this case the first stage of the 2014 UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup in Cheongsong, Korea.  

    This video diary captures the voices of athletes as they get set to compete in the first of a series of competitions that will take them from Korea, to Romania, France, Switzerland, Italy and Russia.

  6. New Film for John Muir Trust

    After months of work planning, preparing, filming and the mammoth task of editing our John Muir Award film has finally gone live!

    We were approached by the John Muir Trust almost a year ago to see if we might be interested in making a film to showcase the John Muir Award scheme. We jumped at the chance and started work on the planning and information gathering. In May we started the filming and with help from some amazing people who run, participate and administrate the Award we got loads of great footage in locations around the country. We filmed not only in various venues in Scotland where the Trust is based but also in the Lake District, London and the Peak District.
    Then came the most difficult bit, narrowing down the hours of footage and putting it together to make a visually stimulating film that still contained all the important information.
    This was a lengthy process with lots of feedback flying back and too between ourselves and the John Muir Trust, but we got there and we are happy to see that the main full length film and the shorter version have now gone live via the John Muir Trust website.
    Check the full feature film below and let us know what you think.

  7. Amazing 2 days on location with Neil Gresham filming for our DWS film.
    More to come soon…

  8. Last week we’ve started filming for our EpicTV series 'Wild Women' which will go live in Spring 2014. We’re planning 8 episodes with some of the World’s most inspiring women athletes. Keep your eyes peeled!
    Some screen grabs from our first shoot with Karen Darke

  9. BLACK DIAMOND catalogue | ‘Fight the feeling’ | Dave Macleod

    From bold trad to sketchy rime to hard sport, Black Diamond athlete Dave MacLeod has something of an obsession with first ascents in his native Scotland—a land not known for its ideal climbing weather. A little sleet and rain, however, has done little to dampen Dave’s passion for scouring the island for new climbs. His latest FA, Fight The Feeling, is an interesting tale of an FA legacy being carried on from one generation of climbers to the next.

    This video is part of our Climbing 2013 digital catalog. Through photos, videos and narrated slideshows, the Climbing 2013 digital catalog highlights first ascents and first free ascents from recent years, as well as the crucial pieces of Black Diamond gear that helped make them a reality. In addition, the digital catalog showcases historical images from past first ascents—chosen by our athletes—that have fueled their own personal FA pursuits. To view the Climbing 2013 digital catalog, click here: http://catalog.blackdiamondequipment.com/

  10. John Muir Trust

    We are really excited to be working on a new film about the John Muir Award with the John Muir Trust.
    After weeks of production work (e-mails, script writing, research, phone calls, contracts……) it’s a great feeling to have finally picked up a camera and what’s even better is when everything works out!
    Our hectic schedule last week meant shooting in a different location every day, covering almost all aspects of the Award from scrambling and amping with school kids all getting to grips with the Four Challenges of the Award (Discover, Explore, Conserve, Share) to seeing the conservation projects with a group of adults who have battled with drug/alcohol abuse. We also had the pleasure of interviewing Para-Olympic Silver medal winner and all round inspiring lady Karen Darke.


    We would like to say special thank you to everyone involved, especially; John Muir’s Birthplace Museum in Dunbar, Loch Eil Outward Bound Centre, Cairngorm Young Rangers, Phoenix Futures and Karen Darke.